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Improve Your Loading Dock with Sturdy Industrial Doors

Within Charles H. Hodges & Son’s vendor list, you’ll find an impressive selection of industrial doors for your East Coast facility. From loading dock doors to high-speed doors, air doors, impact-style traffic doors, clean room doors and bug barriers, we have everything your commercial or industrial operation needs under one convenient roof. We feature many products from TKO, who has long pioneered impact-resistant doors addressing a variety of issues associated with damages to conventional overhead and sectional doors. Since 1994, thousands of TKO doors have been installed to help reduce damage, maintain production and provide safer working conditions for loading docks.

Kelley Entrematic Sectional Aluminum Door

Amarr Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional overhead doors retract upward to either the roof or the ceiling in order for the door to open. This type of door may be used in either the interior or exterior of your facility or loading dock.

rolling steel door

Cookson/Cornell Rolling Steel and Fire Doors

When durability is a top priority, rolling steel doors are heavy-duty to meet even the most stringent requirements. They can be insulated or non-insulated depending upon your needs. Fire doors help prevent the spread of smoke and fire within a facility because they’re resistant to both. They also provide security and access control and can be customized to your unique specifications.

roll up door

Albany High-Speed Roll-Up Doors

Albany International provides a full line of high-speed doors for enhanced traffic flow, environmental control and low maintenance. Albany doors are designed to self-reset in the event of an impact and can operate at speeds of up to 100” per second.

We also offer entrematic high-speed roll-up performance doors from Dynaco and Assa Abloy. Roll-up doors get their name because they roll up in a coil above an opening. This type of door offers protection from both unauthorized entries and harsh weather elements in your facility.

Kelley TKO Dock Door

TKO Impactable Dock Doors

Patented TKO dock doors are designed to be knocked out of their track when inadvertently impacted from the interior side. They simultaneously provide security and climate control customized to your specific application.

bug on screen

Gateway Industrial Bug Barriers

Let the spring air into your facility while keeping the bugs out! We offer a wide assortment of Gateway Industrial bug barriers in both manual and powered versions. Bug barriers are often offset mounted to work in conjunction with your existing overhead doors.

industrial door

Powered Aire Air Curtains/Doors

Air curtains or doors keep the heat in and the bugs out of your facility. And best of all, your employees can’t damage them. We offer both heated and non-heated units for all opening widths and heights.

Amarr Entrematic TKO Assa Abloy Cookson Cornell Albany Entrematic Dynaco Entrematic Gateway Logo Powered Aire

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