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Warehousing & Safety Products

Serving customers throughout the East Coast, Charles H. Hodges & Son has many years of expertise when it comes to providing reliable warehouse products. Whether your warehouse facility needs conveyor or storage systems, lift tables, high-volume low-speed fans or pallet rack, you’ve come to the right place. We offer an extensive product line from PFlow Industries, a manufacturer well-known for providing freight lifts (VRCs) for vertically transporting freight between floors or up to mezzanines. We also offer a complete line of safety equipment from APS Resource, a division of Assa Abloy and Kelley Entrematic.

PFlow Lift

PFlow Industries Freight Lifts (VRCs)

Vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs) represent provide a low-cost alternative to conventional elevators. Not subject to elevator codes and guaranteed legal, these vertical lifts are custom-designed to suit your application for use in transporting freight only.

APS Resource Entrematic Protective Barriers & Railings

You can protect modular offices, devising walls, pallet rack and vital electrical components within your busy warehouse with our selection of protective barriers and guard railings. Door barriers prevent accidental fork-truck roll-off from open dock doors.

WireCrafters® Wire Mesh Partitioning

Secure your valuable products and equipment within your warehouse by restricting access to certain areas with wire partitioning. Custom-designed systems include various doors, gates, locking configurations and even roof panels for added security.

pallets in warehouse


Running out of space in your warehouse? Don’t move out, move up! You can nearly double your existing floor space with a custom-built mezzanine. Mezzanines are available in a variety of floor surfaces with handrail options and stairs. They provide the ideal support for a modular office with a bird’s-eye view of your warehouse floor.

Pallet Rack

We carry all types of pallet rack systems, including traditional selective racks, space-saving drive-in and drive-thru racks, flow racks and push-back systems.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems can be custom-designed in-house by Charles H. Hodges & Son with numerous installations coast-to-coast and in Canada.

Modular Offices

Modular offices allow you to avoid the costs of traditional construction while enabling you to relocate or reconfigure your office as your warehouse needs change. We can also provide multiple-story offices with load-bearing roofs.

Kelley Entrematic HVLS Fans

High-volume low-speed fans bring warm air down to your warehouse floor, so that your employees can feel the heat that you’ve already paid for in your facility. Large-diameter fans, up to 24’ in diameter, can also provide a cooling effect during the hot summer months.

APS Resource Entrematic Safety Products & Lights

Your employees will enjoy a brighter, safer workplace with safety products and lights from APS Resource. Be sure to ask about energy-efficient lighting to help your operation reduce energy costs!

PFlow Industries Wirecrafters APS Resource Kelley Entrematic

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