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Our Commitment to Excellent Service

The secret to our nearly 85-year history is that we do not rest until the customer is satisfied with our performance. Whether we’re working hand-in-hand with architects in the design stage of your warehouse, ensuring that your custom built equipment arrives on site as designed, or tweaking and adjusting newly installed systems, we at Charles H. Hodges & Son guarantee that our work will be performed professionally and promptly.

green dock lift

New Installations

We pride ourselves on providing full turn-key installation packages customized around your specific needs. We have the abilities to saw-cut, demo, and excavate your floor slab to form up and pour concrete pits for lifts, levelers, stretch wrappers, and VRC’s. We have skilled technicians to provide power runs from your existing distribution panels to the new equipment and complete all control wiring. We can also create door openings and jambs in block and tilt-up buildings and most metal buildings. Whether you are planning on one dock or one hundred docks, we have the man-power and experience to complete your project on-time and on-budget.


Maintenance and Repairs

We provide full service and repair of your material handling equipment, whether it was purchased through us or not. We have expert mechanics who are certified welders and come prepared with the most common replacements parts for your equipment. We specialize not only in repairing your damaged equipment, but in identifying the cause of the damage and making a permanent fix to prevent future damage.

A Commitment to Excellent Service